How to retrieve MYNIC domain username and password

Obtain Your Contact Code for administrative, billing or technical contact
1. Visit
2. Enter your domain name, e.g.,, and press Submit.
3. Find the administrative/ billing/ technical contact code. eg DCA019561
Retrieve your MYNIC Username
  1.     Visit
  2.     Click Login
  3.     Click forget username
  4.     Enter your administrative contact code and click Submit
  5.     You will be presented with 2 options:
  6.         (a) The Username will be sent to your current email address
  7.         (b) If the current email address is invalid or not functioning, please assign a new email address for this Username
  8.     If option (a) is showing your valid current email address, choose option (a) and click submit
  9.     You will receive an email from MYNIC shortly.
  10.     If option (a) is not showing your valid email address, choose option (b) and
  11.         Enter your new email address, e.g.,, then click submit
  12.         Print out a document sent to your email by MYNIC and fax it to them.
Retrieve your MYNIC password
  1.     Visit
  2.     Click Login
  3.     Click forget password
  4.     Enter contact code and username, then click Reset Password
  5.     You will receive a newly generated password in your email
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